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Post  runningbear on Tue Jan 15, 2008 8:17 pm

branching out and saying hello. and thanks for joining our forum so i figured i would return the favor.

my bio:

James Bailey

2nd Lt. of team MSB

AKA: runningbear, bear

Position: Broadsword/Hammer

former commander/broadsword for team redcell tactical

Age: 37

Years playing: on and off sense 1988/89

Main electro weapon: ebladed 03 cocker with Zero-b board, freak barrel, Moody Paintball Production QEV's and eggy hopper. (speedball)

Secondary weapon: micro 2000 emag with Xmod programed, ultralight barrel and a riccochet hopper. (woodsball)

Third weapon: the duel 68 clasic custom built ebladed phueno-maghammer with MPP QEV's, and riccochet hoppers. (still being built)

Main: a PCS US5 with egrip mod and an assortment of barrels, Opsgear UMP Shroud, Warsensor folding stock and a D.I.Y mock Suppressor. (milsim)

Other gear: UTG Molle vest with various pouches from ops gear and specops, US Marine Marpat bdu's, swatforce 12" combat boots, marine load bareing vest being modifide for paintball

Other roles: tank commander and driver once its finished, back player in speedball

Hobbies: paintball, motor cycles (my chopper), RPG's, ya im a nerd that plays AD&


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