We are currently looking for members

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We are currently looking for members

Post  Andy29 on Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:32 pm

so we are trying to make something special here and make it far. work as a group and make it a family on and off the field.

三eam Work

> Trates we are looking for in a player

* some one who takes the game seriosly
*compeditive intense and focused
*some one who has a JOB and makes enough money to afford paint and any other things that will be needed as a team
*some one who will go out of there way for a team mate
*must be 16 or older
*be willing to put hours into keeping the team on its feet and winning
*be willing to purchase own equimpent

Most important is to have fun and after a good game to party:lol!:

* IM me at=soowhite29 or Ihaveskilzz11

i will update this when able.

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